Queen Courtney

Queen Courtney

Having come across Californian teenage sporting phenomenon Courtney Corrin in competitive AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) action, Team Nutmeg has followed her career from being the world junior leader in the long jump to competing in track and field and playing for USC's (University of Southern California) NCAA's (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Champion women's soccer team.

Little girl shows football skills

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The concept follows the life and times of Louise Sage as she strives to play in the top flight of the men's game. It aims to empower and inspire, especially young girls who would not normally take their participation in sports beyond high school.

As well as its publishing and broadcast possibilities, we also believe it could be a marketing game changer; here we have a leading, female black character turning gender roles on their heads in the world's most popular sport! Team Nutmeg has already moved it along the dial with its branding and licensing potential.

Furthermore, we also passionately believe Nutmeg could be a player in social enterprise and entrepreneurial development amongst our dis-enfranchised urban youth. To that end we have been working with the likes of Adrian Carridice-Davids, who has nearly two decades experience in those fields, to sponsor kids in the leading creative and technical arts so that they become the imagineers of tomorrow!!

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